How to Quickly Check That Your Website Is Listed in a Google Search

Google Search

Here is a short guide to help you check if your website is listed in Google Search and also some useful tips if you experience any problems.

Before you start, it is a good idea to make a note of how many pages you have on your site and the page names.

STEP 1: Go to Google search to find out if your website has been listed by adding the prefix site: then your domain name.

If you have bought two domains but with different extensions like and .com it is important you try both. See the example below of how Google would check to see if their domain name ending in has been listed. The results show that Google’s site is listed and a description of five pages they created.

How to Quickly Check That Your Website Is Listed in a Google Search - Step 1

STEP 2: Now repeat ‘STEP 1’ but with your domain name.

If you see a list of results showing all your web pages, congratulations your website has been listed.


Why has my website not been listed?
If your site did not produce any results try the following tips:

Tip #1 - Have you forgotten to submit your site to Google’s Search Console?

Google Search Console

Yes, then create an account with Google first, then add your website to Google’s Search Console.

Tip #2 - How long ago did you submit your website?
If your site is new, it is possible Google might not have had a chance to list it yet.

Tip #3 - Check the email account you registered with Google for any messages.
It is also worth checking your spam folder.

Tip #4 - When did you last log into Google’s Search Console?
If you opted out of all communication from Google, it is important to check for messages and updates regularly.

Tip #5 - Check if your website has a security issue or is infected with malware by using Sucuri SiteCheck. All you need to do is add your domain name, and within minutes the results will confirm if your website scan is clean or infected.

Sucuri free website malware and security scanner


Tip #6 – It is possible that somehow Google did not get your request or it got missed.
Ask Google to recrawl your page from the search console and check back in 48-72 hours to see if it is listed.

Why are not all of my web pages showing?
If your site did not produce all the results, or it produced more than you expected try the following tips:

Tip #1 – Did you add a sitemap to Google when you submitted your site to Google’s Search Console?
No, then you can create one by using a sitemap generator like XML – to crawl your website.


xml let you create an xml sitemap that you can submit to Google


Tip #2 – Does your website have a robots.txt file? This text file tells Google what pages can or cannot be listed.
To check or create a robots.txt file click here to be redirected to Google’s page which provides further advice.

Create a robots.txt file that you can submit to Google

Tip #3 – Repeat Step 2 again, but this time add the following then your domain name

Tip #4 – Login to Google’s Search Console for further clues.

Remember: It is important to regularly check that your website is optimised for your business to be found and to enable Google and other search engines to know what you want to be listed. If you would like to schedule a website audit for your business, please click here to schedule a call with Elaine.

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